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%LOG directive

Adds text into the Input Log window in the Genstat client.

No options


text Text to display in the Input Log window


%LOG has a single unnamed parameter, which provides a text to be inserted at the end of the Input Log window in the Genstat client. This can be used to include commands or comments. For example,

%LOG '""Calculate the logs of the yields""'
%LOG 'CALCULATE logYield = LOG(Yield)'

You might want to do this to provide information about the actions of menu or an interactive procedure. For example, the STATEMENT parameter of the DESIGN procedure can save a command that could be used to form the design that has been generated. You might want to use %LOG to record this in the Input Log.

%LOG has no effect when used in GenBatch, and is available only in Windows versions of Genstat.

Options: none.
Parameter: unnamed

See also

Directive: %MESSAGEBOX.
Commands for: Program control.

Updated on February 7, 2023

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