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ACDISPLAY procedure

Provides further output from an analysis by ACANONICAL (C.J. Brien).


PRINT = string tokens What to print (decomposition, df, ecriteria, efficiencies); default deco


SAVE = pointer Information saved from ACANONICAL; if this is not set, the information is saved from the most recent ACANONICAL analysis


ACDISPLAY allows you to display further output from the decomposition produced by the ACANONICAL procedure, without having to repeat the calculations.

The output is specified by the PRINT option, with settings:

    decomposition table summarizing the decomposition,
    df degrees of freedom,
    ecriteria efficiency criteria (as requested by the CRITERIA option), and
    efficiencies efficiency factors.

By default, the output is from the most recent ACANONICAL analysis. The SAVE parameter allows you to print information from an earlier analysis, by setting it to a pointer saved earlier using the SAVE parameter of ACANONICAL.

Option: PRINT.

Parameters: SAVE.

See also


Commands for: Analysis of variance.


CAPTION    'ACDISPLAY example',\
        !t('Partially-balanced incomplete-block design with 2 association',\
           'classes from page 379 of Cochran and Cox (1957) Experimental',\
           'Designs. 2nd ed. Wiley, New York.'); STYLE=meta,plain
FACTOR     [LEVELS=6; VALUES=4(1...6)] Block
&          [LEVELS=4; VALUES=(1...4)6] Unit
&          [LEVELS=6; VALUES=1,4,2,5, 2,5,3,6, 3,6,1,4,\
                             4,1,5,2, 5,2,6,3, 6,3,4,1] Treat
ACANONICAL [PRINT=*]!p(!f(Block/Unit),!f(Treat)); SAVE=CC379
ACDISPLAY  [PRINT=decomposition,efficiencies] CC379
Updated on June 20, 2019

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