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Example Data Sets

Select menu: File | Open Example Data Sets

Use this to search though the example data sets that are supplied with Genstat. These data sets provide can be used for a range of different types of analysis. Data sets are available for some of the Genstat guides including the Introduction, Guide to Anova and Design, Guide to REML and Guide to Regression, Nonlinear and Generalized Linear Models. To open a data set either double-click on an item within the list or select an item and click the Open data button.

Look for file

Lets you enter the name of the data set to be opened. When text is entered into this field the list of available data sets will scroll to select a data set that matches the specified text.

Filter by topic

Provides a list of topics that can be used to refine the search. For example, this filter can be used to select data sets associated with a particular Genstat Guide.

Include extra agricultural data sets

This includes an extra 365 data sets from Kevin Wright’s (kw.stat@gmail.com) agridat package (https://kwstat.github.io/agridat). The agridat package provides an extensive collection of datasets from agricultural experiments. The datasets come from books, papers, and websites related to agriculture. Data come from small-plot trials, multi-environment trials, uniformity trials, yield monitors, and more. The license below is provided with the package.

Open data

This will open the selected data set.

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Updated on April 22, 2024

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