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Vector functions

A vector is a structure with a series of values: variate, text or factor. These functions form summaries for each set of corresponding values of a list of vectors:

    VSUMS Arithmetic sums
    VTOTALS Synonym for VSUMS
    VMEANS Averages
    VMEDIANS Median values
    VMINIMA Minimum values
    VMAXIMA Maximum values
    VPERCENTILES Calculates percentiles across a set of variates
    VQUANTILES Calculates quantiles across a set of variates
    VRANGE Range of values
    VCOVARIANCE Covariances
    VCORRELATION Correlation
    VSD Standard deviations
    VSEMEANS Standard errors of the means
    VSKEWNESS Skewness
    VKURTOSIS Kurtosis
    VVARIANCES Variances
    VNOBSERVATIONS Nunbers of observations (non-missing values)
    VNVALUES Numbers of values
    VNMV Numbers of missing values
    VPOSITIONS Positions of values
Updated on May 20, 2019

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