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Circular Regression Options

Use this to select different options to be used in a Circular regression.


Specifies which items of output are to be displayed in the Output window.

Model A description of the fitted model.
Summary A summary of log-likelihoods from the analysis and the p-value for change in these from fitting the explanatory model.
Estimates The values of the mean (μ0) and concentration parameter kappa (κ) of the von Mises distribution and the coefficients of the fitted model terms with their standard errors, t values and probabilities.
Fitted values Shows the fitted angles (in degrees), residuals and leverages.
Monitoring Shows the progress of the iterative algorithm.

Maximum number of iterations

This option specifies the maximum number of iterations that can be used for the iterative process of model fitting, default 50.

Convergence tolerance

Specifies convergence criterion for the iterative process. This is a small number that controls when the model fitting process stops, default 0.00001.

Action Icons

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Updated on January 27, 2023

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