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Syntax interpretation fault codes

SX 1            Dummy already declared.

SX 2            “&” invalid – no previous directive has been established.

SX 3            Illegal repetition of classifying factors.

SX 4            Unknown directive name.

SX 5            Unknown option or parameter name.

SX 6            Invalid option value.

SX 7            Errors in option or parameter settings.

SX 8            Valid single value not found when expected.

SX 9            List of values not permitted for option.

SX 10          Invalid character in item.

SX 11          Invalid function name.

SX 12          Incompatible adjacent elements (e.g. comma missing).

SX 13          Syntactic error (e.g. unmatched brackets).

SX 14          Use of # to select defaults is only allowed in option lists.

SX 15          Invalid progression (e.g. 15,17…13).

SX 16          Substructures nested too deep (only thirty one unmatched “[” allowed).

SX 17          Invalid operator.

SX 18          Value to be substituted in integer is too big.

SX 19          Attempt to substitute structure of incompatible type.

SX 20          Too many option lists have been set.

SX 21          Zero list length.

SX 22          Precisely one element expected in parameter list.

SX 23          Invalid item in parameter list.

SX 24          Missing value not permitted in parameter list.

SX 25          Parameter has invalid values.

SX 26          No option values supplied.

SX 27          Choice of function invalid in this context.

SX 28          Too many parameters in list.

SX 29          Option or parameter values supplied when not required.

SX 30          Default not in values list.

SX 31          Default structure has no values.

SX 32          Default structure of wrong type.

SX 33          Attempt to suffix non-pointer.

SX 34          Invalid suffix structure.

SX 35          Invalid text suffix for pointer.

SX 36          Option has too many settings.

SX 37          Option has too few settings.

SX 38          Value of qualifier out of range.

SX 39          Invalid character in number.

SX 40          ‘[ ]‘ invalid: this directive does not have any options.

SX 41          List of expressions not allowed.

SX 42          Option setting of invalid type or value.

SX 43          Wrong number of qualifiers.

SX 44          Qualifier not numerical or text.

SX 45          Too many parameter lists have been set.

SX 46          Parent of substructure has no values.

SX 47          Parameter list missing.

SX 48          Format all skips.

SX 49          First parameter list not longest: extra elements will be ignored.

SX 50          Unexpected characters after end of command.

SX 51          A qualifier cannot contain a null list.

SX 52          Qualified identifier not valid in this context.

SX 53          Structure qualified by text has no labels.

SX 54          Option not set.

SX 55          Incorrect number of settings for option.

SX 56          Parameter not set.

SX 57          Incorrect number of settings for parameter.

SX 58          A structure (not a pointer) with a null suffix list has been ignored.

SX 59          Small relative difference in progression; effects unpredictable.

SX 60          Invalid parameter value.

SX 61          Both NAME and DUMMY parameters must be set.

SX 62          Cannot extend fixed pointer.

SX 63          Cannot extend user-defined data structure.

SX 64          Unknown data type in DECLARE statement.

SX 65          Incorrect number of values in DECLARE statement.

SX 66          Missing values not permitted in STRUCTURE statement.

SX 67          Additional characters ignored.

SX 68          Text qualifier not found.

SX 69          This command is not available in the educational versions of Genstat.

SX 70          Incorrect number of values for parameter.

SX 71          This command is not available in the msanova module.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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