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Saving and Re-opening a Genstat Save file (.gsv)

A Genstat Save file (.gsv) lets you save all the data currently held in the server, allowing you to reopen it later and continue from where you left off. A .gsv file differs from a Genstat Session file in that it doesn’t preserve all your open windows and dialogs, but just keeps the data you were working with. Your current set of data will be displayed in the Data View on the left (if this is not open you can display it by clicking the Data tab at the bottom left of the screen).

If you’re working with a large data set, saving and re-loading a .gsv file can save you a significant amount of time.

Saving a .gsv file

  1. From the menu select Data | Save.
  2. Ensure that Genstat Save File is selected as the save type then click Save.

Re-opening a .gsv file

  1. Double-click the .gsv file to start Genstat and re-load your data.
    From the menu select Data | Load | Resume (or use File | Open to navigate to your file and open it).
Updated on June 20, 2019

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