Status bar

The status bar is located at the bottom of the main Genstat window. It is used to indicate the current state of Genstat. The status bar changes appearance to include additional information when the active window is a spreadsheet. It also indicates toolbar functions whilst buttons are depressed. If you do not wish to use the status bar, the Options – General menu can be used to remove it from the display.

Default status bar

Window Server status Cursor Working directory Mode

Spreadsheet status bar

Window [File name] Server status Size Active cell State

Window name

The name of the active window, also identified by highlighting its title bar. For spreadsheets the file name is also displayed on the title bar.

Server status

Indicates the current state of the server, which can be one of the following:

Processing Indicates that the server is currently processing input
Server Ready The server is awaiting input
No Server The server cannot be found. This may be because it has been closed down, or it may have terminated due to an internal error. You can restart the server from the Run menu.


For text windows only. Indicates whether new text that is typed is inserted at the current cursor position (Insert mode, INS) or replaces existing text (Overwrite mode, OVR).


Only displayed when the active window is a spreadsheet. It indicates the size of the sheet as [number of rows, number of columns].


Only displayed when the active window is a text window. It indicates the current line and column position in the window. You can jump to a specific line/row by selecting Edit | Go To and entering a value.

Active cell

Only displayed when the active window is a spreadsheet. It indicates the current active cell on the sheet.


This indicates additional spreadsheet information when required. The State field displays the letter specified for each condition met. More than one letter may be displayed, as in the example above.

<R> The data has a restriction.
<M> The data has been modified since the last update.
<C> within-cell cursor navigation is enabled.
<*> The Paste missing as asterisk * option is enabled on the Tools | Spreadsheet Options Sheets tab.
<S> The spreadsheet has been saved.
<V> The data is being verified.
<D> There is an active DDE link.
<U> The Auto Update Genstat option is disabled on the Spread | Update menu.
<B> The spreadsheet contains bookmarks.
<P> The spreadsheet is protected (read only).
(Subset) The Subset on Update item is enabled (on the Spread | Restrict/Filter menu).
Updated on July 10, 2019

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