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What’s new in Genstat for Windows 8th Edition

Key new Features

  • The Genstat Server has been upgraded to Release 8.1
  • Formatted output
  • Customizable menus (COM, procedures with no arguments)
  • Tools for building procedure libraries
      Build procedure library menu
    Attach procedure library menu
    Display attached procedures menu
    Ability to automatically attach help with procedure library
  • New event log (supersedes fault log)

New Statistical and Graphics Menus

  • Sample Size Calculations
    Binomial tests
    Sign tests
    McNemar’s test
    Mann-Whitney tests
    Lin’s Concordance Coefficient
    Correlation Coefficients
  • Microarray Analysis
    Support for GenePix, ImaGene, Spot R, ScanAnlyze, Quantarray and Affymetrix files
    Log ratio and intensity calculations
    Empirical Bayes Error Estimation
    False Discovery Rate
    QQ and Volcano Plots
    Cluster Analysis
  • Nonparametric Statistics
      McNemar’s test
    Lin’s concordance coefficient
  • One and Two-way Analysis of Variance
  • Biplots
  • Design
      Power Calculations
  • Analysis of Variance
      Power Calculations
  • Regression
      Polynomial regression, smoothing splines and locally weighted regression include on Linear Models menu
    Power Calculations on Linear Models and Generalized Linear Models menus
  • Mixed Models
      Control display of 2D variogram in spatial REML menu
  • Survival Analysis
      Kaplan-Meier – display summary, quantiles and more graphics options
    Proportional Hazards – allows sequential model fitting
    Survival Distributions – log-logistic and lognormal distributions, save fitted survivor function
  • Multivariate Analysis
      Discriminant analysis – enhanced output and graphics options

New Spreadsheet Facilities

  • Fast load for large spreadsheets
  • Row summaries
  • Compare columns
  • Column names – ability to replace strings within names
Updated on May 9, 2019

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