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Table functions

These functions form marginal summaries of tables:

    TSUMS Arithmetic sums
    TTOTALS Synonym for TSUMS
    TMEANS Averages
    TMEDIANS Median values
    TMINIMA Minimum values
    TMAXIMA Maximum values
    TSD Standard deviations
    TSEMEANS Standard errors of means
    TSKEWNESS Skewness
    TKURTOSIS Kurtosis
    TVARIANCES Variances
    TNOBSERVATIONS Numbers of observations (non-missing values)
    TNVALUES Numbers of values
    TNMV Numbers of missing values

These functions form matrices from tables:

    TCOLUMN Converts a one-way table into a column matrix
    TDIAGONAL Converts a one-way table into a diagonal matrix
    TMATRIX Converts a two-way table into a matrix
    TROW Converts a one-way table into a row matrix

This function forms a variate from a table:

    TPROJECT Converts a table into a variate, using the values of its classifying factors to determine which value of the table to put into each unit of the variate


Updated on January 12, 2022

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