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Check Line Length

Use this to menu to find and/or wrap lines above a given length in a text window. 

  1. From the menu select Edit | Check Line Lengths.

If you choose to wrap the lines, then there are two additional options. One to break lines before the given length at common separators (spaces, commas, programming separators etc.) so that words and numbers are not split between lines. Another adds a continuation character just before the line break. When the menu first starts, it reports the current maximum line length in the text window. You must select at least one of the wrap or bookmark options.

Length limit for lines

Lines over this length will be wrapped or bookmarked. Lines may be wrapped more than once, if the wrapped portion of the line is still greater than the limit.

Wrap lines

If this is selected, lines longer than the Length limit for lines will be wrapped (i.e., have a line break added) either at a separator, or at the Length limit for lines, depending on the other options below. If not selected, long lines will be bookmarked.

At separator

This will break lines at separators rather than exactly at the maximum line length. Using this option will be make Genstat commands more readable and avoid breaking up numbers in data files. Separators are prioritized in three groups, with group 1 containing space, tab, colon and semicolon ( tab:;), group 2 containing comma, equals, and option brackets (,=[]), and group 3 other separators (+-*/()=!<>#$&). The highest priority group will be used, unless the first break point from the end of the line in this is too far from the Length limit for lines. The measure of ‘too far’ between priority groups is one sixth of the length limit. For example, with a length limit of 80, this gives a value of 13, so a comma in group 2 would be used over a space in group 1, if the comma was 13 characters closer to the end of the line than the space.

Insert continuation character

If this is selected, lines which are wrapped will have a continuation character (\) added just before the added line breaks. This should be selected if you are wrapping a window containing Genstat commands. If you are wrapping text of another type (e.g. data to be read in), then you may not want to add a continuation character.

Bookmark long lines

This will add a bookmark to all lines longer than the Length limit for lines. If you want to examine the wrapping that was used, or want to manually wrap line lines, then it is useful to select this item. You can jump between bookmarks in the window using the Alt+B shortcut key.

Action buttons

OK Complete the operation and close the dialog.
Cancel Close the dialog without further changes.

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Updated on April 1, 2022

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