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Creating a Blank Spreadsheet at Startup

When Genstat starts up, unlike Excel, you do not have an empty spreadsheet open. However, you can set Genstat to automatically create an empty spreadsheet on start up.

  1. Select Tools | Options, then click the General tab.
  2. Select New spreadsheet and set the number of rows and columns as required, then click OK.

When you next start Genstat a blank spreadsheet will open automatically.

If the spreadsheet displays momentarily then disappears
If the spreadsheet displays for only a few moments and is then replaced with the Start page, it means you have the option Show start page selected on the General tab of the Tools | Options dialog (refer to image above). You can stop the Start page from appearing in future by deselecting this option.

  1. To re-display a hidden spreadsheet, click the Window tab at the bottom of the left hand panel.
    The startup spreadsheet will appear as Book;1.
  2. Double-click the spreadsheet to bring it to the front.

Updated on August 21, 2019

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