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Safe Array Data Structure

The SAFEARRAY is a standard way to pass arrays or collections between COM objects. The Genstat data structure names and types are passed in a SAFEARRAY containing two dimensions. The first dimension of the array contains the type BSTR and is used to store the names of the data structures. The second dimension contains the data type (e.g. scalar, variate etc…) in an integer (VT_I4). The data types have a numerical coding which is shown below.

Data types

Number Data structure
1 Scalar
2 Factor
3 Text
4 Variate
5 Matrix
6 Diagonal matrix
7 Symmetric matrix
8 Table
9 Anova save structure
10 Time series save structure
11 Expression
12 Formula
13 Dummy
14 Pointer
15 LRV – latent roots and vectors
16 SSP – sums of squares and products
17 TSM – model for Box-Jenkins modelling of time series
18 Regression save structure
22 Tree
Updated on July 10, 2019

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