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Select menu: View | Data View

The data view provides a display of all the data structures that are currently available within Genstat in a docked pane on the left hand side of the interface. The view contains a tree list of all the different types of data folders that are available in Genstat. Each data folder contains data structures and/or data folders. When you select a folder the data structures and data/or folders contained within that folder are displayed in the list.

  1. After you have imported your data, click the Data tab at the bottom-left of the window.

Each data structure is represented in the list with a different icon and the properties for each structure are displayed in tooltips (activated by moving the cursor over the structure name). You can also drag and drop data structures from the view onto spreadsheets and menus.

Right-click menu

The shortcut menu for the view is activated by right-clicking on any data structure name. The items available on this menu are listed below:

Copy Copies the name of the selected data structures to the Clipboard.
Delete Deletes the selected data structures.
Display Displays the values of the selected data structures in the Output window. You are prompted with a menu that lets you specify the layout for the values that are displayed in the Output window.
Rename Lets you rename the selected data structures.
Duplicate Duplicates the selected data structures.
Sort Opens a submenu that can be used to control the sort order of the displayed data structures.
Create Pointer Creates a pointer that points to the selected data structures.
Create Spreadsheet Creates a spreadsheet from the selected data structures. If the data structures are of different length or type then they will be opened within different pages in a multi-page work book.
Display Tooltips Controls whether to display tooltips containing information on the properties of each data structure.
Properties Displays the properties for the selected data structures.
Updated on May 3, 2019

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