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Analysis of variance fault codes

AN 1            Design unbalanced – cannot be analysed by ANOVA.

AN 2            Not an equally replicated orthogonal design.

AN 3            Too many mutually non-orthogonal model terms for ANOVA.

AN 4            Too many different factors in formulae.

AN 5            Invalid function or operator in BLOCKSTRUCTURE, TREATMENTSTRUCTURE, or AKEEP model formula.

AN 6            Pseudo-factors allowed only in TREATMENT formulae.

AN 7            Contrast functions allowed only in TREATMENT formulae.

AN 8            Incorrect number of arguments in function.

AN 9            Incorrect dimensions in 3rd argument of function.

AN 10          Illogical compound contrast.

AN 11          Unbalanced or non-orthogonal contrasts.

AN 12          Missing values not allowed in factors in designed experiments.

AN 13          Missing or negative weight.

AN 14          Insufficient units are non-missing and have positive weights.

AN 15          DESIGN control structure is out of date.

AN 16          Partial aliasing.

AN 17          Partial confounding.

AN 18          Negative residual degrees of freedom.

AN 19          Numerical failure in ANOVA.

AN 20          AKEEP term (from formula/STRAT option) was not in BLOCKSTRUCTURE or TREATMENT formulae.

AN 21          STRATUM option of AKEEP must specify exactly one term.

AN 22          Term in STRATUM option of AKEEP was not in the BLOCKSTRUCTURE formula.

AN 23          Covariate coefficients are saved only for BLOCKSTRUCTURE terms.

AN 24          Covariate coefficients cannot be saved (none in the original ANOVA).

AN 25          Residuals can be saved only for BLOCKSTRUCTURE terms.

AN 26          Means can be saved only for TREATMENT terms.

AN 27          Means cannot be saved unless the STRAT option is set the bottom stratum.

AN 28          Effects and partial effects can be saved only for TREATMENT terms.

AN 29          Residual term is relevant only for TREATMENT terms.

AN 30          No save structure available for ADISPLAY or AKEEP.

AN 31          Matrix inversion failure in analysis of covariance.

AN 32          BLOCK formula for RANDOMIZE must contain only operators * or /.

AN 33          For RANDOMIZE each block-factor combination must have replication one.

AN 34          EXCLUDEd factor is not part of the BLOCKSTRUCTURE formula.

AN 35          Operators not allowed in arguments of contrast functions.

AN 36          Unit variances of combined effects can be saved only for TREATMENT terms.

AN 37          Covariance efficiency factors of combined effects are only for TREATMENT terms.

AN 38          Stratum variances can be saved only for BLOCKSTRUCTURE terms.

AN 39          Estimation of the stratum variances has failed to converge.

AN 40          Stratum variance cannot be estimated.

AN 41          Missing-value estimation has failed to converge.

AN 42          Aliasing between pseudo-terms.

AN 43          Term occurs in both the BLOCKSTRUCTURE and the TREATMENTSTRUCTURE formulae.

AN 44          No key feasible for the models specified.

AN 45          Added factors must be distinct from basic factors in FKEY.

AN 46          BASIC, ADDED, REQUIRED, NONNEG must be set if no SAVE structure supplied.

AN 47          Error in HIERARCHIES matrix.

AN 48          Factor does not have a prime number of levels < 200.

AN 49          Block factors must be distinct from treatment factors in FPSEUDOFACTORS.

AN 50          No identifier supplied for the pseudo-factors in FPSEUDOFACTORS.

AN 51          Cannot add pseudo-factors for terms whose factors have different no. levels.

AN 52          Key matrix must be zero where no. levels of row & col factors are unequal.

AN 53          Must set TREAT and/or LROW, and BLOCK and/or LCOL.

AN 54          FPSEUDOFACTORS cannot form NEWTREAT unless BLOCK and TREAT are both set.

AN 55          KEY matrix cannot be inverted.

AN 56          Too many operands in GENERATE.

AN 57          Scalar values in GENERATE parameter list must be positive.

AN 58          GENERATED pseudo factors are not balanced.

AN 59          Number of units of GENERATED factors does not give an exact number of reps.

AN 60          Factor levels undeclared and corresponding KEY matrix row contains >1 prime.

AN 61          KEY matrix contains row of zeros.

AN 62          Mixture variable not in model.

AN 63          Must be an X setting for every variate in TERMS.

AN 64          Previous block value out of range.

AN 65          Missing previous trial value.

AN 66          Previous trial values must not lie outside (-1,1).

AN 67          Missing support values not allowed.

AN 68          Support points must not lie outside (-1,1).

AN 69          The NUNITS option must be set if there are no blocks.

AN 70          BLOCKSIZES must sum to NUNITS.

AN 71          Standardized residuals approximate if not an orthogonal design.

AN 72          LEVELS must be a prime power.

AN 73          NUNITS must be a power of LEVELS and less than NFACTORS**LEVELS.

AN 74          NSUBUNITS must be a power of LEVELS and less than NUNITS.

AN 75          Invalid NDESIGN.

AN 76          Invalid NSUBDESIGN.

AN 77          Minimum aberration design not found by random search.

AN 78          Invalid design specification.

AN 79          A valid design could not be found.

AN 80          COVINFORMATION variate is not a covariate.

AN 81          Combined effects & means, components etc unavailable when COVANALYSIS=covariate.

AN 82          COVANALYSIS = unadjusted or covariate but the analysis has no covariates.

AN 83          Fitted values are unavailable as the values of the y-variate have changed.

AN 84          DESIGN control structure cannot be used as values of design factors have changed.

AN 85          Residuals cannot be tabulated as factor values have changed.

Updated on March 27, 2024

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