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Distribution fitting fault codes

DI 1              Table has more than one classifying factor.

DI 2              Classifying factor does not have a levels variate.

DI 3              Levels variate has an invalid value.

DI 4              Table has an invalid value.

DI 5              Variate has an invalid value.

DI 6              Invalid values in limits variate.

DI 7              Incorrect number of values.

DI 8              Coarse grouping – initial values may need to be specified.

DI 9              Class limits outside valid range.

DI 10            Polya-Aeppli cannot be fitted.

DI 11            Data seems incompatible with given model.

DI 12            Iteration for estimation of fitted quartiles has not converged.

DI 13            Variance-covariance matrix of parameter estimates is not positive definite.

DI 14            No provision for missing values when fitting Pascal-Poisson.

DI 15            Sample size must exceed 1.

DI 16            Species Frequency values must be positive.

DI 17            Frequencies must be positive or zero.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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