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Line-printer graphics fault codes

LP 1             All values missing.

LP 2             Invalid setting of scale option is ignored.

LP 3             Limits variate contains some missing values.

LP 4             Table has margins.

LP 5             Table has more than one classifying factor.

LP 6             Table has no classifying factor.

LP 7             X-axis title or Y-axis title has more than one line. First line used.

LP 8             Only two classifying factors are allowed for tables being contoured.

LP 9             Page width too narrow for contour.

LP 10           Invalid setting of multiple option.

LP 11           Number of rows is less than four.

LP 12           Number of columns is less than four.

LP 13           Missing values not allowed in structure.

LP 14           Repetition in limits variate.

Updated on May 17, 2019

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