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Graphics Colours

Colours in Genstat graphs are specified in terms of red, green and blue components each of which can take any integer value in the range 0 – 255. These are combined to form a single RGB value which represents any one of 16,277,716 individual possibilities. The following table lists some common combinations with pre-defined names which will be suitable for most applications; these names are used by the graphics menus and can also be used as colour values in graphics directives such as PEN.

The names listed here are  those designated for the X Window System and are also recognised by most or all web browsers. The physical representation of any particular RGB value will depend on the quality of the display device and some colours may be indistinguishable in practice. However, this table should help with selection of suitable combinations; please scroll down to see the full range of colours.

Updated on May 1, 2019

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