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LIBSOURCE procedure

Obtains the source code of a Genstat procedure, PC Windows only (R.W. Payne).

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PROCEDURE = texts Procedure names
SOURCE = texts Texts to store the source code of each procedure
STATEMENT = texts Saves a command to obtain the source of each procedure (useful if the name has been specified in response to questions from PROCEDURE)


LIBSOURCE provides a convenient way of accessing the source code of a procedure from the Genstat Procedure Library. The name of the procedure is specified by the PROCEDURE parameter. Alternatively, if you are running Genstat interactively, you can type just


and Genstat will list the types of procedure, followed (once you have selected the type) by a list of the procedures themselves. In fact, this is what happens if you select Help followed by Procedure Source from the menu bar of Genstat for Windows. If, you wish to access the same example later, the STATEMENT parameter allows you to save a Genstat text structure containing a command setting the PROCEDURE parameter as required.

When you are running Genstat interactively, the procedure is put into a new text window. When Genstat is running in batch, the example is printed to the output window. You can also save the source code in a Genstat text structure, using the SOURCE parameter.

Options: none.


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Procedure: LIBEXAMPLE.

Commands for: Program control.

Updated on June 19, 2019

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