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Using Multi-Page Spreadsheets (workbooks)

A multi-page spreadsheet is called a workbook. Each spreadsheet is contained on a separate page within the workbook and has an associated tab displayed at the top containing the sheet name.

Each sheet is independent of the other sheets in the book and is updated to the Genstat server independently. The order in which sheets are updated to the Server is dependent on the each sheet type, where vector and scalar sheets are updated first, then matrix sheets, and finally table sheets. (To learn about the Genstat server and how it updates refer to Synchronizing Spreadsheet Data with the Genstat Server.

If you move the mouse over a tab in a book a tooltip displays providing details of the data within the sheet that the tab belongs to.

Managing spreadsheets

There are many functions available for managing sheets in a workbook. These include adding or deleting spreadsheets, reordering sheets or splitting off spreadsheets into new books. You can access all these functions from the Spread | Book menu. You can quickly access the most common manipulation commands by right-clicking any tab within the book and selecting an option from the shortcut menu.

Spread | Book menu
Right-click spreadsheet tab shortcut menu

Updated on February 26, 2019

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