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PLINK procedure

Prints a link to a graphics file into an HTML file (D.A. Murray).


CHANNEL = scalar Output channel number of file; default current output channel
EXCLUDEPATH = string token Whether to remove path information when printing the link (yes, no); default no


FILENAME = texts Name of the graphics file to be linked within the html file


PLINK can be used to insert a link within an html file to display a graphics file such as a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) or JPEG file. The link is written within the output file using the html tag. For example, the html code for a graph called CapeWagtail.jpg would be written as:

The name of the graphics file to appear in the link is supplied using the FILENAME parameter. The CHANNEL option determines where the output appears. By default, the output is printed to the current output channel, but CHANNEL can be set to a scalar to send it to another output channel. This output channel must have been opened in HTML style. The correspondence between channels and files on the computer is explained in the description of the OPEN directive.

The full details of the file name, including any path information, are written within the link by default. You can exclude path information from the link by setting option EXCLUDEPATH=yes.


Parameter: FILENAME.


The link is written using PRINT with the typesetting command ~h{}, to ensure the correct style of output within the HTML file.

See also

Directive: OPEN.

Commands for: Input and output.


CAPTION     'PLINK example'; STYLE=meta
" make a local copy of the Cape Wagtail picture "
TXCONSTRUCT [TEXT=jpgfile] wdir,'\\CapeWagtail.jpg'
FCOPY       OLD='%GENDIR%/Examples/GuidePart1/CapeWagtail.jpg';\
            NEW=jpgfile; OVERWRITE=yes
" insert a link to the picture into the file MyHTML.htm "
SCALAR      outhtm
OPEN        'MyHTML.htm'; CHANNEL=outhtm; FILETYPE=output; STYLE=html
PLINK       [CHANNEL=outhtm; EXCLUDEPATH=yes] jpgfile
CLOSE       outhtm; FILETYPE=output
Updated on March 6, 2019

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