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Procedure Libraries

Use this to attach additional procedure libraries. These provide extra facilities beyond those supplied with Genstat. You can use this menu to attach libraries you have written yourself or for those obtained from other users. The Wageningen Biometris library includes details of procedures written by Genstat users and supplied for general use.

  1. From the menu select Tools | Procedure Libraries | Attach.

Genstat procedures consist of a self-contained piece of program code along with options and parameters that provide control over the procedure and allow data to be passed in and out. A procedure library is a file containing one or more Genstat procedures. Attaching a library makes the procedures within it available as additional commands that you can use by submitting programs to the server via the Run menu. Usually, the libraries specified here are automatically attached each time you start Genstat.

To attach procedure libraries the file containing the procedures should be located within an add-in folder. There are two types of add-in folders: system and user. To make a procedure library system wide, i.e. available to all users that have access to Genstat on a network server or on a local machine, the file should be placed in the system add-in folder called AddIns within the Genstat installation (by default, a Windows installation will place this in C:\Program Files\GenxxEd\AddIns). Alternatively, to make the procedure library only available to the current user the file can be placed within the user add-in folder. The location of the user add-in folder can be found by selecting Tools | Options then clicking the General tab; the relevant field is User add-in folder, which you can change as required.

The procedure libraries are attached to Genstat in the order they are displayed in. They are searched in this order, so in case of ambiguity the user version of a procedure takes precedence. The standard Genstat procedure library follows any libraries specified here.

Procedure libraries

This field lists the procedure libraries that are currently available. Up to ten libraries are allowed. You can specify whether a procedure library is to be attached by using the checkboxes provided, where selecting the checkbox will attach the procedure library.

 You can change the order that the procedure libraries appear in the list (and thus the search order) using the up and down buttons.

Action buttons

Add Add a new user library.
Details To modify the library name or view the file pathname for a selected procedure library click the Details button.
Moves the currently selected library up one place in the list.
Moves the currently selected library down one place in the list.

See also

  • OPEN for opening procedure library files in command mode.
  • PROCEDURE and STORE directives for further details of writing your own procedures and storing them in procedure libraries.
Updated on May 16, 2019

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