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Procrustes Rotation Options

This menu controls aspects of the way in which the Procrustes rotation is carried out, and selects the results to be displayed.


Specifies what is to be displayed.

Rotation matrix The orthogonal rotation matrix
Coordinates The fixed and fitted configurations (after standardization)
Sums of squares An analysis of variance giving the sums of squares of each configuration, and the residual sum of squares; if scaling is used, the scaling factor is also printed
Residuals Residual distances of the points in the fixed configuration from the fitted points; this is after any standardization and rotation


Controls standardization of the fixed and fitted configurations.

Centre Centres the matrices to have zero column means
Normalise Normalizes the matrices to have unit sums of squares

Additional permitted transformations

Enables additional transformations to be included in the analysis.

Isotropic scaling Contract or expand the fitted configuration by a constant amount in every direction (scaling factor estimated by least-squares)
Reflections Specifies whether the rotation matrix may contain a reflection
Updated on April 25, 2019

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