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Open File from URL

Use this to open a file or spreadsheet from a URL. URLs will generally start with the prefix http://, https:// ftp:// or file://. If a URL is supplied without a prefix then the dialog will assume the form http://. The format for an FTP URL is ftp://@:/path. The format for a file URL is file:/// where host is the name of the system where the path is accessible. On a local PC the host name is specified as localhost, however this name can be excluded and the following syntax can be used: file:///.

  1. From the menu select File | Open from URL
    Spread | New | From URL


This specifies a URL for a file to open. You can either type in the name of a URL, paste one from the clipboard (Ctrl+V) or choose from the dropdown list of the 60 most recent URLs that have been successfully used.

Sort list order

This controls the sort order for the URLs that are displayed in the dropdown list.

Recently used The list is sorted in the order that the URLs were last used, i.e. the most recently used items at the top.
Alphabetical The list is sorted in alphabetical order.


The following are examples of URLs:
file://localhost/c|program filesgen18eddataIris.gsh

Updated on May 16, 2019

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