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SUSPEND directive

Suspends execution of Genstat to carry out commands in the operating system; this directive may not be available on some computers.


SYSTEM = text Commands for the operating system; default: prompt for commands (interactive mode only)
CONTINUE = string token Whether to continue execution of Genstat without waiting for commands to complete (yes, no); default no

No parameters


The SUSPEND directive may not be implemented on all the types of computers for which Genstat is available. However, you can find out simply by typing the command


This will produce a message saying either that Genstat has been suspended, or that SUSPEND is not implemented. In the latter case, it is not possible to communicate between Genstat and other programs.

If SUSPEND is implemented, after the message you will get a prompt “SUSPEND>” for an operating-system command. You will also be told what command in the operating system will return you to Genstat. For example, with the VMS system on VAX computers you type


The SYSTEM option of SUSPEND allows you to give operating-system commands without explicitly returning to the operating system and, if you do not want to wait for an operating-system command to be executed before returning to Genstat, you can set the CONTINUE option together with the SYSTEM option.


Parameters: none.

See also

Directive: PASS.

Commands for: Program control.

Updated on September 22, 2020

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