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SUSPEND directive

Suspends execution of Genstat to carry out commands in the operating system; this directive may not be available on some computers.


SYSTEM = text Commands for the operating system; default: prompt for commands (interactive mode only)
CONTINUE = string token Whether to continue execution of Genstat without waiting for commands to complete (yes, no); default no
MINIMIZE = string token Whether to minimize the console window (yes, no); default no

No parameters


If you run the command SUSPEND (with no options) in Genstat for Windows, a command window will open, in which you can enter commands in the usual way. You can return to Genstat by closing the window (e.g. by typing EXIT).

You can use the SYSTEM option to specify the commands to run in the operating system. By default, Genstat then pauses while the commands run, and continues after they finish. This provides a convenient way to run an external program. For example, it is used by the _CDCALL procedure, included with CDNBLOCKDESIGN, to run the CycDesigN engine. CDNBLOCKDESIGN (and other CDN procedures that use _CDCALL) use the OPEN directive to open a file to contain the data for the engine, and the PRINT directive (with the CHANNEL option set to the filename) to form its contents. _CDCALL uses TXCONSTRUCT to construct the command for SUSPEND. The CycDesigN engine writes its output to another file, which can be read afterwards by CDNBLOCKDESIGN (or the other CDN procedures).

 You can set option CONTINUE=yes if the operating-system commands do not need to run before your subsequent Genstat commands. For example, you might simply want to post a message to say that your Genstat run is executing. You can set option MINIMIZE=yes to minimize the console window in which the comands run.

Note, however, that SUSPEND may not be available in all implementations of Genstat.

Parameters: none.

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Updated on February 9, 2022

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