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TABTABLE procedure

Opens a tabbed-table spreadsheet in the Genstat client, PC Windows only (D.B. Baird).


IDENTIFIER = identifier Identifier for the combined table when several tables are specified by TABLE
PAGEFACTOR = factor Specifies the the classifying factor to go across the tabs in the spreadsheet when TABLE is set to a single table, or gives the identifier of the factor to be created to index the tables when TABLE supplies several tables


TABLE = tables Tables to be placed into a tabbed-table spreadsheet


TABTABLE forms a multiple spreadsheet in the Genstat client from either a single table with three or more dimensions, or several tables with two or more dimensions.

The table or tables are specified using the TABLE parameter. If TABLE is set to a single table, the PAGEFACTOR option can be used to specify which factor is distributed across the tabs; if this is not specified, the first classifying factor is used.

Alternatively, if TABLE is set to a list of several tables, the PAGEFACTOR option specifies the identifier of the new factor that is set up to index the individual tables (default Tabs). The IDENTIFIER option then supplies an identifier for the new combined table (default Table).


Parameter: TABLE.


The procedure creates slices of the table and displays these as pages in a Genstat spreadsheet book by using procedure FSPREADSHEET with the internal SLICE option set.

See also

Directives: SPLOAD, TABLE.


Updated on March 5, 2019

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