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%MESSAGEBOX directive

Display text in a dialog in the Genstat client.


TITLE = text Title for the dialog; default 'Genstat'
ICON = string token Icon to display in the dialog (informationwarningerrorquestion); default info


text text to display in dialog


%MESSAGEBOX has a single unnamed parameter, which provides a text to be displayed in a client dialog. The dialog remains on the screen until the user clicks its OK button. For example,

%MESSAGEBOX 'Some analyses were unable to calculate F statistics.'

This provides a good way to communicate warnings or notes to the user. For example, if faults or warnings have been disabled, it can be used to display just those faults or warnings that you want the user to see. It has no effect when used in GenBatch, and is available only in Windows versions of Genstat.

The TITLE option provides the title for the dialog. The default is to display Genstat. The ICON option specifies the icon to display on the left-hand side. The default is to display the information icon (i).

Parameter: unnamed.

See also

Directive: %LOG.
Commands for: Program control.

Updated on February 7, 2023

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