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Circular Regression Store Options

Use this to save results from a Circular Regression in Genstat data structures. After selecting the appropriate boxes,you need to type the identifiers of the data structures into the corresponding In: fields.


Select the results to want to save.

Residuals Variate Residuals from the fitted model
Fitted values >Variate Fitted values from the model
Leverages Variate The leverages of the observations from the fitted model
Estimates Variate Estimates of the coefficients for the terms in the explanatory model
Standard errors of estimates Variate Standard errors of estimates
Variance-covariance matrix Symmetric matrix Variance-covariance matrix of the model estimates
Mean parameter (mu0) Scalar The estimate of the null mean μ0 for the von Mises distribution
Standard error of mean Scalar The standard error of the estimate of μ0
Concentration parameter (kappa) Scalar The estimate of concentration parameter kappa κ for the von Mises distribution
Standard error of kappa Scalar The standard error of the estimate of concentration parameter κ
-2*log-likelihood Scalar The deviance (-2 × the log-likelihood) from the fitted model
Degrees of freedom Scalar The residual of degrees of freedom from the fitted model
Iterative weights Variate Iterative weights from the generalized linear model fitting
Linear predictor Variate Linear predictor from the model fitting
Y adjusted Variate Adjusted response variate
Individual contributions to the likelihood Variate The contribution to the deviance (-2 × the log-likelihood) for each observation

Display in spreadsheet

Select this to display the results in a new spreadsheet window.

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Updated on January 27, 2023

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