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DFONT directive

Defines the default font for high-resolution graphics.

No options


    text specifies or saves the default graphics font


The Genstat Graphics Viewer can include textual information in a variety of fonts. A graphics pen can be asked to use a specific font family, by using the FONT parameter of the PEN directive. If this is not done, the pen is assumed to use the default graphics font. When Genstat is first installed, the default font is set automatically to Arial. However, it can be modified either by using menus in the Genstat Client or Graphics Viewer, or by using the DFONT directive.

DFONT has a single, unnamed, parameter, which can be set to text structure containing a single string. If that string is not missing (or null), it specifies the name of the font family to be used as the default. For example,

DFONT 'Calibri'

The name can be specified in upper or lower case, or in any mixture. You can find out the available fonts by looking at any of the controls for specifying fonts in the Client or Graphics Viewer.

If the text contains a missing string, it is redefined to contain the name of the font family currently used as the default. It is also defined as a text containing the current default, if you specify either a text with no values or an undeclared data structure.

Finally, if you specify DFONT without setting the parameter, it sets the default font back to the standard Genstat font i.e. Arial.

The change takes effect only when information about the new default is received by the Graphics Viewer. Afterwards this will be used in any graphs with the default font that are displayed or redisplayed, including those that have been stored in Genstat graphics meta files (i.e. files with the gmf suffix).

Options: none.

Parameter: unnamed.

See also

Directive: PEN.

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Updated on June 20, 2019

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