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The following directives produce the plots in “line-printer” style, i.e. using the characters of ordinary textual output:

    LPCONTOUR produces contour maps of two-way arrays of numbers
    LPGRAPH produces scatter plots and line graphs
    LPHISTOGRAM plots histograms

Genstat can also produce high-resolution plots. The relevant directives have two main purposes. There are those that define the “graphics environment” for subsequent plots, and those that do the plotting. Often the default environment, set up at the start of a program, will be satisfactory. To change the graphics environment, the following directives can be used:

    XAXIS defines the x-axis in each graphical window
    YAXIS defines the y-axis in each graphical window
    ZAXIS defines the z-axis in each graphical window
    AXIS defines an oblique axis for high-resolution graphics
    DEVICE switches between graphics devices
    FRAME defines the positions of the windows within the frame
    PEN defines the properties of the graphics “pens”
    DFONT defines the default font for high-resolution graphics
    DKEEP saves information about the graphics environment in Genstat data structures
    DLOAD loads the graphics environment settings from an external file
    DSAVE saves the current graphics environment settings to an external file
    GETRGB provides a standard sequence of colours (defined by the initial defaults of the Genstat pens)

The directives for plotting high-resolution graphs are:

    BARCHART plots bar charts
    DGRAPH produces scatter plots and line graphs
    DHISTOGRAM plots histograms
    DPIE produces pie charts
    DCONTOUR produces contour maps
    DBITMAP plots a bit map of RGB colours
    DSHADE produces a shade diagram of 3-dimensional data
    DSURFACE draws a perspective plot of a two-way array of numbers
    D3GRAPH plots a 3-dimensional graph
    D3HISTOGRAM produces 3-dimensional histograms
    DSTART starts a sequence of related plots
    DFINISH ends a sequence of related plots
    DDISPLAY redraws the current graphical display
    DCLEAR clears a graphics screen
DCLOSE closes windows in the Genstat Graphics Viewer
DVIEW views windows in the Genstat Graphics Viewer

Other facilities, provided by procedures in the Library include:

    BANK calculates the optimum aspect ratio for a graph
    BOXPLOT draws box-and-whisker diagrams (schematic plots)
    DARROW adds arrows to an existing plot
    DBARCHART plots bar charts for one or two-way tables
    DBIPLOT plots a biplot from an analysis by PCP, CVA or PCO
    DCIRCULAR plots circular data
    DCOLOURS forms a band of graduated colours for graphics
    DCOMPOSITIONAL plots 3-part compositional data within a barycentric triangle
    DCORRELATION plots a correlation matrix
    DKEY adds a key to a graph
    DFRTEXT adds text to a graphics frame
    DFUNCTION plots a function
    DHSCATTERGRAM plots an h-scattergram
    DKSTPLOT produces diagnostic plots for space-time clustering
    DMASS plots discrete data like mass spectra, discrete probability functions
DMOSAIC produces a mosaic plot to display a table of counts
    DMSCATTER produces a scatter-plot matrix for one or two sets of variables
    DOTHISTOGRAM plots dot histograms
    DOTPLOT produces a dot-plot
    DPROBABILITY creates probability distribution plots
    DPSPECTRALPLOT calculates an estimate of the spectrum of a spatial point pattern
    DQMQTLSCAN plots the results of a genome-wide scan for QTL × E effects in multiple environments
    DQSQTLSCAN plots the results of a genome-wide QTL search in a single environment trial
    DREFERENCELINE adds reference lines to a graph
    DRESIDUALS produces model-checking plots of residuals
    DSCATTER produces a scatter-plot matrix
    DTABLE plots tables
    DTEXT adds text to a graph
    DTIMEPLOT produces horizontal bars displaying a continuous time record
    DXDENSITY produces one-dimensional density (or violin) plots
    DXYDENSITY produces density plots for large data sets
    DXYGRAPH draws two-dimensional graphs with marginal distribution plots alongside the y- and x-axes
    DYPOLAR produces polar plots
D2GROUPS displays the distribution of groups in a plane using a trellis of bar or pie charts
    FFRAME forms multiple windows in a plot-matrix for high-resolution graphics
    GGEBIPLOT plots displays to assess genotype+genotype-by-environment variation
    INSIDE determines whether points lie within a specified polygon
    LORENZ plots the Lorenz curve and calculates the Gini and asymmetry coefficients
    PLINK prints a link to a graphics file into an HTML file
performs a Cate-Nelson graphical analysis of bivariate data
    RUGPLOT draws “rugplots” to display the distribution of one or more samples
    SETDEVICE opens a graphical file and specifies the device number on basis of its extension
    STEM produces a simple stem-and-leaf chart
    TRELLIS produces trellis plots for each level of one or more factors
    WINDROSE plots rose diagrams of circular data like wind speeds


Updated on February 7, 2023

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