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DFRTEXT procedure

Adds text to a graphics frame (W. van den Berg).

No options


Y = variates or scalars Vertical coordinates in the frame
X = variates or scalars Horizontal coordinates in the frame
TEXT = texts Text to plot
PEN = scalars, variates or factors Pens to use; default 1
YUPPER = scalars Maximum vertical coordinate in the frame; default 1
XUPPER = scalars Maximum horizontal coordinate in the frame; default 1


The DFRTEXT procedure provides a convenient way of putting textual annotation or description onto a graphics frame, similarly to the way in which the DTEXT procedure can add text to a plot inside the frame. The text to plot is specified by the TEXT parameter. This can be either a single string, or a Genstat text structure containing several lines of text. The Y and X parameters specify the coordinates where the text is to be plotted, with scalars for a single string or line, or with variates for several lines. These coordinates relate to the “standard device coordinates” used to define windows within the frame (see the FRAME directive), and must lie between 0 and the values supplied by the YUPPER and XUPPER parameters. The PEN parameter specifies the pen or pens to use (default 1).

Options: none.

Parameters: Y, X, TEXT, PEN, YUPPER, XUPPER.


The FRAME directive is used to define a window, without margins, filling the whole screen, with maximum values in the x- and y-dimensions defined by the XUPPER and YUPPER parameters, respectively. The x- and y-axes in that window are defined to go from 0 to XUPPER and YUPPER, using the XAXIS and YAXIS directives. The DGRAPH directive is then used to plot the text.

Action with RESTRICT

DFRTEXT takes account of restrictions on any set of Y, X and TEXT parameters.

See also


Commands for: Graphics.


PEN     [RESET=yes] 1; METHOD=line; SYMBOL=0; JOIN=given
XAXIS   3; TITLE='x^2'
YAXIS   3; TITLE='x^3'
DGRAPH  [WINDOW=3; KEY=0] x**3; x**2
PEN     [RESET=yes] 1; ROTATION=315; SIZE=10; COLOUR='red'
DFRTEXT Y=0.925; X=0.05; TEXT='Draft plot'; PEN=1
Updated on September 2, 2019

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