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DSTART directive

Starts a sequence of related high-resolution plots.


TITLE = text Overall title for the plots
PEN = scalar Pen to use for the title; if this is not set, pen -12 is used


This directive is relevant when a sequence of high-resolution graphics commands (such as DGRAPH and DHISTOGRAM) is to be used to build up a complicated plot. The information from each command is then accumulated by Genstat, but no high-resolution plots are drawn until a DFINISH command is received. The TITLE option can specify an overall title, and PEN can specify the pen to use. If PEN is not set, the title is plotted using pen -12.

Options: TITLE, PEN.

Parameters: none.

See also

Directives: DFINISH, DCLEAR.

Commands for: Graphics.

Updated on March 8, 2019

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