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Paste Special (Text)

This menu may be used to paste the Clipboard as a column of text within at text window.

  1. From the menu select Edit | Paste Special.

This menu is particularly useful if used in conjunction with the Edit | Copy Special | Rectangle menu item which copies a rectangle of text onto the Clipboard.

Insert text at column position

This species the insertion point within the current line. Each line of text on the clipboard is inserted in each subsequent line at this position.

Insert spaces at start of lines

If this is selected, and a line in the text editor is shorter than the insertion point specified above, then spaces are appended onto the line to pad it out to the insert point.


If the following text was on the Clipboard:


and the a text window contained the following text:

578 13.5 4.5 1.3 
762 10.8 
684  9.3 7.4 2.7

Pasting from the Clipboard using the paste special menu at the insertion point 14, with the Pad Lines option selected gives the result:

578 13.5 4.5 12.6 1.3 
762 10.8     14.6 
684  9.3 7.4 17.8 2.7

However, if the pad option was not selected the second line would have ended up as follows:

578 13.5 4.5 12.6 1.3 
762 10.8 14.6 
684  9.3 7.4 17.8 2.7

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Updated on March 12, 2019

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