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Principal Components Clustering Options

This menu gives options that control a Principal Components Clustering analysis.


Specifies the output to be displayed.

Latent roots Latent roots (eigenvalues)
Loadings Principal component loadings (latent vectors/eigenvectors)
Scores Principal component scores
Clustering summary The summary information recorded for each Minimum number of units
Cell clusters Shows how the cells are clustered for each Minimum number of units
Density of cells Displays a table showing the number of units in each cell


Specifies graphical display of the results from the analysis.

Scatter plot of principal component scores Draws a scatter plot matrix of the scores for the number of dimensions selected on the main menu.
Shade plot of cell densities Displays shade plots showing the numbers of units in each pair of dimensions
Histogram of number of units in cells Displays a histogram for the numbers of units in the cells for each Minimum number of units
Summary information vs. minimum number of units Plots the summary information against the Minimum number of units

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Updated on February 16, 2023

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