Rename Sheet

Select menu: Spread | Book | Rename Sheet

This dialog allows the sheet name shown on the tab along the top of the book window to be renamed. The sheet names must be unique within a book, and can be a maximum of 16 characters in length. A sheet name can contain any characters including spaces. The size of the tab is set by the longest name on display, so if short names are used this will allow more tabs to be viewed. If the book only contains one sheet, no tab is displayed. However, a sheet name can still be defined, and is saved when the spreadsheet is saved to a Genstat spreadsheet (GWB or GSH) file.

The dialog contains an edit field that lets you change the sheet name. Once you have changed the name click the OK button. The sheet name will be checked for uniqueness before being assigned to the tab.

This dialog can also be opened by double clicking on the tab, or by clicking the right mouse on the tab and using the shortcut menu.

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Updated on November 29, 2017

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