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Repeated Measures – ANOVA Options

Use this to select the output to be generated by a repeated measures analysis of variance.


Specifies which items of output are to be produced.

Variance-covariance matrix Variance-covariance matrix
Greenhouse-Geisser Epsilon Greenhouse-Geisser Epsilon estimate
Test Test for compound symmetry
Correlations Correlation matrix
AOV table Analysis-of-variance table
Information Details of large residuals, non-orthogonality and any aliasing in the model
Effects Tables of estimated treatment parameters
Means tables of means for treatment terms
F-probabilities F probabilities for the AOV table
Residuals Tables of estimated residuals
%cv Coefficients of variation and standard errors of individual units
Missing values Estimates of missing values
Covariates Estimates of covariate regression coefficients
Contrasts Estimated contrasts of treatment effects

Standard errors

When printing tables of means you can specify the form in which standard errors will be displayed: as standard errors of the means, standard errors of differences (SEDs), or least significant differences (LSDs). If required, you can display more than one type of standard error. The significance level for LSDs can be specified as a percentage (default 5) in the accompanying input field.

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Updated on January 13, 2022

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