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Genstat Themes

Watch our video on how to customise themes.

Genstat themes are stored in .gth files that contain settings that control the appearance of the input log, output, text input and spreadsheet windows. The settings are those found in the options fonts and colours tab and in the spreadsheet options appearance tab.

Themes can be saved using Save and restored using Select items in the Tools | Theme menu.

Standard themes available

The standard installation of Genstat contains the following themes which are displayed below.

Modern The new standard Genstat look and feel.
Classic Genstat 18 and prior versions look and feel.
Cool blue Like modern but with cool blue overtones.
Colourful green Like modern but with colourful green overtones.
Slate White on dark slate grey.
Minimal spacing Like Modern, but with minimal spacing in the spreadsheet to display more data.

Modern theme

Classic theme

Colourful green

Cool blue

Slate theme

Minimal spacing theme

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Updated on October 20, 2022

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