About Viewer mode (viewing graphs)

The Viewer mode is the default display for the Genstat Graphics viewer. When graphs are received from Genstat or opened via the File menu they will be displayed in the Viewer mode. In this mode you can zoom the graph, view data information on different points, include a main title and save to other graphics formats, such as Enhanced Windows metafiles, bitmaps, JPEG, PostScript, and PNG. The viewer displays a single graph (or composite plot), and other graphs can be viewed by selecting the appropriate graph name from the Window menu.

Editing a graph

To make changes to the graph you need to invoke Editor mode.

  1. To do this, double-click on the plot you wish to edit or select Edit | Edit Graph from the menu on your graph.

    The window title and background colour will change to indicate the new mode.

  2. You can return to the Viewer mode by using either Save and Close or Close respectively to retain or discard any changes.

Genstat can produced graphs containing two or more individual components within a single display, such as a trellis plot. For these composite plots, the zoom and scroll controls operate on the entire display, whilst the built-in editor operates on individual component plots.

In addition to saving to standard graphics formats, you can save individual displays to Genstat metafiles. This is a private file format that saves the graph and additional information, so that the graphs can be redisplayed or edited on another occasion, using the Graphics Viewer.

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Updated on May 17, 2019

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