About Editor mode (editing graphs)

Editor mode lets you edit and change different aspects of a graph within the Genstat Graphics viewer. To make any changes to a displayed graph, double-click on the plot you wish to edit or select Edit | Edit graph from the menu. The window title and background colour will change to indicate the new mode.

Within Editor mode you can either double-click on a graph or select one of the options from the Tools menu to edit the graph. For each graph you can change settings for the following:

Layout The layout of the graph
Key The layout of the key or legend
X-Axis, Y-Axis and Z-Axis For setting axes attributes

Some graph types also contain the following controls:

Error pen Sets attributes of the pen used to draw error bars
Format labels Format the display of numbers or dates on axes
Display labels Specify the labels for individual data points
Layer options Manage the order of layers in a plot, for example, to bring hidden data points to the front
Spline options Manage how splines are displayed

The following graph types have some additional options to control the display.

Once you have made any changes you can return to the viewer mode by using either selecting File | Save and Close or File | Close respectively to retain or discard any changes.

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Updated on June 13, 2019

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