Editor Controls

This details the controls available for manipulating the plot in Editor mode.

  1. To invoke Editor mode, double-click your graph.
Pointer Mode Exits Manipulation mode and disables Seek mode. The Graphics Editor is initially in this mode.
Manipulation Mode Enters Manipulation mode and enables Seek mode. In two-dimensional plots, hold the left mouse button and drag to zoom the plot (the scroll-wheel can also perform this function). In three-dimensional plots hold the left mouse button and drag to rotate the plot. If the mouse button is released while dragging then the plot will continue to spin in the chosen direction. Hold the scroll-wheel to drag the plot within the display.
Return To Home Position Returns the plot to its home position (the initial position if not set).
Set As Home Position Sets the current view as the home position.
Show All Changes the zoom to make the entire plot visible
Seek Mode Only available in Manipulation mode. In seek mode click on the plot and that point will move to the centre of the display. In three-dimensional plots this also sets the centre point for rotation.

In three-dimensional plots three further controls are available: The Z button rotates the plot to align the view with the plot z-axis. This will provide a top-down plan view along the plot z-axis, so a surface plot will look like a contour plot. Clicking the Z button again will toggle the view between aligning the view with the plot z-axis in the positive and negative direction. The X and Y buttons perform the same function relative to the plot x-axis and y-axis respectively.


The Zoom thumbwheel on the right-hand side of the display zooms the plot. In two-dimensional plots there are two more thumbwheels V Scroll and H Scroll. These move the plot vertically and horizontally. In three-dimensional plots these are replaced by RotX and RotY. These rotate the plot around the screen x-axis and the screen y-axis.

In three-dimensional plots, the current rotation is saved along with any other changes on return to the Graphics Viewer.

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Updated on May 2, 2019

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