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Calculate Subset Warning

When a spreadsheet contains a restriction/filter on the rows, and the Spread | Restrict/Filter | Subset on Update option has been selected, any calculated columns will not match the length of the columns within the spreadsheet. Therefore attempting to add a calculated column to the spreadsheet will fail unless either the restriction is removed and reapplied afterwards, or a subset of values is inserted into the appropriate cells in the calculated column, leaving missing values in the excluded rows.

Note that if the Spread | Restrict/Filter | Subset on Update option is not selected you will be prompted with a restriction warning.

When calculating column

Remove subsetting and calculate values for all rows Remove the current restriction from the spreadsheet and calculate all values. The current restriction will be lost.
Remove subsetting from columns and then reapply it Calculate all rows in the column and then reapply the original restriction to the spreadsheet.
Calculate subsetted values only and leave other values missing Only values included in the restriction will be calculated, all other rows will contain missing values.

See also

The CALCULATE and RESTRICT directives can be used in the command language.

Updated on March 21, 2019

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