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Customize Menu bar

Use this menu to hide items in the Genstat menu. If you want a less busy set of menus or to hide unused items, then menus can be selected for removal (check boxes ticked) in the Menu tree. This follows the same layout as the Genstat menu. The + expand button will open up all folders so all items can be seen, and the  button will collapse all folders. Using this button will toggle between the two states (+/-). Some basic menu items cannot be removed, and these are marked in grey, and cannot be ticked. When a folder has all items in it ticked, the folder’s check box will be ticked. If a partial selection of items in a folder have been ticked, the folder will be highlighted in yellow with a grey tick on it to show this. Menu selections can be saved or loaded using the Save or Load buttons. These are stored in a Genstat menu settings (.GMS) file.

Genstat must be restarted for the menu selection to be activated.

A hidden menu selection can also be cleared by using Reset hidden menus button in the Menus tab of the Tools | Options menu.

This displays the full Genstat menu tree. Menu folders can be expanded/collapsed by double clicking them. The individual menu items are selected for removal by ticking their associated check box. Ticking or clearing a folder’s check box will tick or clear all items below them (apart from the basic menus that cannot be ticked). The individual menu items are shown with a triple dot (…) icon, and this is greyed if they are a basic menu that cannot be removed.

Clear all

Clear all the selections of menus to hide.


This specifies the starting folder the File Open/Save dialog will start in for the Save or Load buttons

User addins Start the File Open/Save dialog in the User Addins folder.
System addins Start the File Open/Save dialog in the System Addins folder.

Generally you will not have rights to save into the System addins folder, but you may want to access standard GMS files from that folder.
You should always have rights to write to the User Addins folder. The GMS file can also be opened with the standard File | Open menu. +  Expand folders. This will expand all folders in the tree.
   Collapse folders. This will collapse all folders in the tree.

Using the Expand/Collapse button will toggle between the two states (+/-).

Remove/Display disabled items (Lite version only)

In Genstat Lite, this button will remove or restore for display the menus which are not available in this version.

Action buttons

OK Complete the operation and close the dialog.
Cancel Close the dialog without further changes.
Save Load a Genstat menu settings (.GMS) file into the dialog.
Load Save the current dialog settings to a Genstat menu settings (.GMS) file

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Updated on April 17, 2024

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