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How to load data from files

Loading data into spreadsheets

Spreadsheets saved from a previous Genstat session can be loaded from Genstat GSH spreadsheet files. These are in a special format that stores the spreadsheet type, column names and attributes, and data.

New spreadsheets can also be created from many different data formats. Data from these formats are loaded into vector spreadsheets consisting of variate and/or text columns. If the first row of the data in a spreadsheet file contains column names these will be used by Genstat, otherwise default column names will be generated. Automatic conversion to factors can be obtained by terminating column names with a ‘!’ character; alternatively the Convert and Column Attributes/Format commands can be used to alter the spreadsheet. Formulae within XLS, WK1, WQ1, WB* and QPW files are evaluated as the file is loaded.

When loading data from SAS v7-9, INSTAT and Matlab 5 file formats you will be prompted with dialogs where you can specify additional options controlling how the data are to be imported.

To open a file select File | Open from the menu and select the required file type when browsing the file list.

You can also load data from ASCII text files by selecting Data | load ASCII File.

Loading data into Genstat

If you do not wish to view or edit data from a file you can load it directly into Genstat using the Data | load menu.

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Supported data formats

The SPLOAD directive loads data from GSH and GWB files within the command language. The IMPORT procedure loads data from other file formats within the command language.

Updated on September 11, 2019

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