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Graphics Environment – Key

Use this to control aspects of the key such as the font and colour within a graphics environment.

Key text

These options control the font and colour of the key text.

Font Provides a list of fonts that can be used for the text. Additional fonts are available in the Graphics Viewer and can be accessed by setting the Default font item from the list.
Colour Provides a list of colours that can be used for the text.
Size Specifies the size for the text. The value entered represents a multiple of the default font size.

Display border around key

Select to draw a bounding box around the key.

Border the full region

When selected, the box around the key is drawn using the full region that the key is placed in. For example, if the key is placed in window 2, then the box will be drawn around the border of window 2.

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Updated on May 1, 2019

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