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Graphics Environment – Symbols

Use this menu to control aspects of the pens used to display the symbols. You can specify the colours and sizes of symbols for each of the pens.


Lists the available pens within Genstat and their associated attributes for the symbols. Select the pen to change the attributes for.

Pen attributes

These controls can be used to change the attributes for the pens selected in the Pens list.

Pen Specifies the pen number whose symbol attributes are to be changed.
Colour Provides a list of colours that can be used for the symbol.
Symbol Specifies the symbol to be used for the pen.
Size Specifies the size of the symbol.
Line thickness Specifies the thickness of the lines used to join the points.
Fill colour Tick the box to enable a list of colours that can be used to fill the symbol.
Apply Applies the changes to the selected pen in the list.
Apply to selection As above, but enables you to select multiple pens and apply the changes to all of them. Clicking the button opens a menu where you can choose which of the attributes are changed within the list.

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Updated on April 22, 2024

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