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Data Preparation: Reshaping Data Before Analysis

Data may not always be stored in a convenient form and therefore may require rearranging before analysis. This section demonstrates some of the spreadsheet data manipulation techniques, such as appending, merging, stacking and unstacking data. You can also combine sections of data from several spreadsheets into one by copying and pasting.

In this section

Copying and Pasting Data Between Spreadsheets
Merging Spreadsheets
Stacking and Unstacking Columns
Appending Data to a Spreadsheet
Appending Data from an Excel Workbook
Appending Data from Multiple files
Duplicating a Spreadsheet
Splitting a Spreadsheet into Subsets
Excluding Individual Cells from Analysis (temporary missing values)
Transposing a Spreadsheet
Converting Data Types (variates to factors, etc)
Converting a Vector Spreadsheet or a Column to a Different Type
Randomizing Rows
Expanding a Spreadsheet Using a Weight Column
Reordering Factors in a Table

Updated on August 23, 2019

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