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What’s new in Genstat for Windows 22nd Edition

For video overviews of some of the new features, click the link below.

image/svg+xml   New Features in Genstat 22nd Edition


The Genstat Server has been upgraded to Release 22.1

  • Release 22.1 includes 6 new functions and 21 new procedures.

New menus

General enhancements

  • New Edit | Rectangle menu which provides facilities for working with a rectangle in a text edit window to Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Insert or Fill rectangles.
  • New Edit | Remove White Space menu to delete blank lines or white space at the end of lines.
  • New Edit | Check Line Lengths menu to wrap or bookmark long lines in text windows.
  • New View | Selection in new window menu item displays selections of text in the Output window in a secondary window, enabling easier comparisons between sections of output.

Statistics enhancements

Graphics enhancements

  • New Confidence Region Plot menu to plot normal confidence ellipses for bivariate data.
  • Open graphics menus with all their settings are now saved to the session file when the Open menus option is selected.
  • The Restore button on the graphics menus now recalls all settings (Options, Symbols, Key, Axes, Frame and Fonts) from the previously produced graph.

Spreadsheet enhancements

New Reprise License Management

  • New Reprise licenses are now supported. These can be a fixed device license or a floating enterprise license.
  • The previous FlexLM licenses are still supported and will continue to work until their expiry date.
  • There are new Manage License and Install License menus to manage and install licenses.
  • You can find more information on our new licensing system here.
Updated on July 1, 2022

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