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Genstat fault codes by area

Genstat diagnostics are given codes according to the type of statement being executed. The code consists of two letters followed by a number. You can list all diagnostics with the same letter code by clicking on the area codes in the list below:

AN Analysis of variance
BS Backing storage or retrieval
CA Calculations
CL Cluster analysis
DI Distribution fitting
FI File handling
HG High-resolution graphics
IO Input or output
KR Kriging
LP Line-printer graphics
MV Multivariate analysis
OP Optimization
PC Program control
RE Regression analysis
SP Storage-space handling
SX Syntax interpretation
SY System
TB Tabulation and table handling
TS Time-series analysis
UF User defined diagnostics (from procedures)
VA Assignment of values
or VD
Variance-component analysis (REML)
Updated on May 20, 2019

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