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Column Matching Between Spreadsheet and Database Table

When a spreadsheet is being exported to an ODBC database, this dialog lets you specify which table column will be updated for each spreadsheet column.

  1. From the menu select Spread | Export | Insert into Database Table then click the Matches button.

Available columns in table

A list of the columns in the ODBC table. Double clicking one of these column names will put it into the Match table column list. Also multiple columns can be selected using the mouse in conjunction with the Ctrl or Shift keys, and then clicking the button will put these into the Match table column list.

Match table column

These are the table columns that will be matched with the corresponding spreadsheet columns. This list can be edited with usual text edit keys.

With sheet column

These are the spreadsheet columns that are being added to the table (with either Create, Insert or Merge). Each one of these will be put into the table column which is in the same ordinal position in the Match table column. If the corresponding Match table column entry is empty then the spreadsheet column name will be used by default.

Create new column in table

This button transfers the in the edit field name below into the Match table column list, thus enabling you to match spreadsheet columns to columns not existing in the ODBC table. When the name in the Match table column list does not exist in the table, a new column with this name is created in the table (if this option is specified).


Remove all text from the Match table column and With sheet column edit fields.

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Updated on March 18, 2019

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