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Linear Regression Further Output

Generates further output following a regression analysis.


Model Details of the model that is fitted
Summary Summary analysis-of-variance
F-probability F probabilities for variance ratios
Correlations Correlations between the parameter estimates
Fitted values Table containing the values of the response variate, the fitted values, standardized residuals and leverages
Estimates Estimates of the parameters in the model
t-probability t probabilities for the parameter estimates
Confidence intervals Confidence intervals for the parameter estimates. The confidence limit can specified as a percentage using the Confidence limit for estimates (%) field.
Accumulated Analysis of variance table containing a line for each change in the fitted model
Wald tests Wald and F tests for dropping terms from a regression

Model checking

You can generate diagnostic plots for Model Checking.

Fitted model

You can draw a Graph of fitted model which shows the relationship of the response variate with one explanatory variate or one grouping factor or both. The fitted relationship is shown as one or more lines and the partial residuals are positioned with respect to the lines to represent the observed data.

Power calculations

You can calculate the power for a regression model.

Permutation test

Lets you perform random permutation tests for a regression model. Random permutation tests provide an alternative to using the F probabilities, printed for variance ratios in summary or accumulated analysis of variance tables, when the assumptions of the analysis are not satisfied.

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Updated on April 4, 2022

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